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USCA is always looking for great coaching stories, strong coaching-related websites and interesting topics that would be highly-useful resources for sports coaches.

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There are many benefits for those who share their knowledge:

  • See others improve because of your suggestion
  • Increasing your exposure, enhancing credentials, or advancing your reputation and connections.
  • The prospect of launching a new sports enterprise by selling an idea or product to thousands of others who need it to accomplish their goals.
  • Turning knowledge (coaching ideas, programs or products) into a profitable business, or adding a stream of revenue.

To USCA, what matters is that knowledge is made available to the coaching community by sharing information and experiences.

Think about what you know and what it would mean to coaches and their athletes- then let us know how we can help you present it.

If you, or someone you know has information you feel would be of value to the sports-coaching community, please email us and let us know.

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    • Safety Resources– Articles, Videos, Products or Websites with Helpful Safety Information for Coaches.

    • Education and Training – Articles, Videos, Products or Websites with Sports Specific or General Topics.

    • Coaching Interviews – An outstanding coach that can share a story that is beneficial to others.

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    Example Video

    Jorge Capestany, is one of only 10 people worldwide who is a Master Professional with both the United States Professional Tennis Registry and Professional Tennis Registry.
    Capestany is a six-time Michigan Pro of the Year and a two-time Midwest Pro of the Year. He has coached hundreds of ranked juniors including three national champions.

    In Capestany’s career, his programs have developed more than 180 high school state champions in Michigan. An internationally recognized speaker and author, Capestany serves many organizations in the tennis industry. He is a member of the Wilson national speaker’s bureau team.

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