Be a USCA Sponsor

Sponsorship Levels - USCA offers several different basic sponsorship levels, each delivering a variety of benefits to sponsors.  USCA's sponsorship packages are designed to ensure that all participants in all athletic sectors come together to help build a stronger, better coaching industry that benefits everyone.

Our Corporate Sponsorship team can design custom-made programs to help companies reach their financial, marketing, and philanthropic goals.

Mission Directed - Also, sponsors can specifically sponsor the cost of developing coaching-related articles, research, studies, white papers, video production, curriculum development, etc. Through such “Mission-Directed” funds, sponsors can develop information they think is important, and use USCA’s platform as a means of disseminating it.  Other sponsorship funds are used by the national office to underwrite programs and operational costs, as needed.

Sponsoring USCA’s content and programming is good business. Sponsors reach a highly educated, affluent, well-traveled, and discriminating audience while supporting USCA's coach-centric missions.

Sponsorship provides:

  • Direct access to concentrated and affluent audiences with significant purchasing power, including amateur and professional coaches, consumers, and business decision-makers.
  • Name recognition among professionals and business leaders likely to be interested in your products and services.
  • Appreciation from your customers and peers who will recognize your commitment to the community and your support of USCA.
  • Our members and visitors are more likely to purchase products and services from companies that support USCA than from companies who don’t.
  • Being a USCA sponsor gives your business credibility.  Our members and visitors have a more favorable opinion of organizations who sponsor USCA.

For more information about USCA’s mission, its sponsorship opportunities, and how you can get involved, contact us at 855-477-USCA, or email us at

Thanks for your interest in USCA.