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The USCA was established by highly-experienced coaches and business professionals to serve the needs and interests of coaches, and to expand their positive influence throughout our country. USCA's founders recognized that coaches from all sports, at all levels, need a broad-based forum "just for coaches."

“Our focus is to provide trusted resources, information and opportunities for coaches that will benefit their sports businesses and ultimately help improve the quality of programs for athletes. Here, we work together with coaches and the business community to create, share and distribute pertinent education and safety information for the benefit of all sports participants.”

American Coaches have valuable information to share for the benefit of others. This is where the USCA comes in. Through the USCA’s web platform, coaches and sports enthusiasts wanting to advance athletics can connect and collaborate with a broad network, expanding and improving their opportunities, careers and businesses.

USCA promotes and supports all individuals and organizations offering useful knowledge – We recognize and highlight our contributors. As we continue to populate the USCA website, we invite you to contact us to learn how you can contribute or connect to the USCA. With many exciting changes occurring in the U.S. Sports Industry, we believe that idea sharing among all participants in the coaching community is vitally important to developing coaches, athletes, and American Sports, now and in the future.

Many coaches would like to develop their knowledge into a form others can use, but they haven't had a focused resource to aid the process ... until now.

We help you:

Share your coaching experiences, content, and video for thousands of coaches to see.

  • Promote your business or product.
  • Turn your programs or ideas into a profitable business.
  • Create your own content and videos.
  • Develop sports equipment or products.
  • Discover career opportunities.
  • Connect to funding sources.
  • Increase your exposure, enhance your credentials, expand your network.
  • Find what you need to deliver your best.

USCA wants to unleash the untapped power of individual coaches' ideas and experience. We provide coaches the opportunity and forum to contribute and extend their influence far beyond their level or locality.