Coach Interviews

USCA's Coaching Philosophy — USCA stands for more than just good coaching ... it's about the positive influence of great coaches and what they accomplish beyond sport to improve our lives, our character, and our culture. Our in-depth interviews with many of America's greatest coaches reveal a common philosophical theme: "to encourage athletes to prioritize their lives around Faith, Family, Education, and Sport; to call on their inner strength to rise humbly yet confidently to the challenges they face both in athletics and in their daily lives."

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Do you have a message you feel would be beneficial to others? Do you know a coach that has made a difference in the life of an athlete? Please send us their name. We encourage all coaches to submit their coaching story. As we continue to interview coaches across the country, we encourage you to listen to their messages. Together, we can develop the next generation of American Athletes and responsible American Citizens.

Kent Johnston - USCA Partner

Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kent has coached Jr. High School, High School, Colleges and eventually at the University of Alabama.

Mike Hargrove - USCA Partner

Former manager of the Cleveland Indians

Mike spent 12 years as a professional ball player and 12 years as a head coach.

Greg Aten - USCA Partner

Greg Aten shares his insights as a player and coach.